Virginia man arrested for stealing six newborn husky puppies and cash from pet grooming salon

Three of the six stolen puppies were recovered on Saturday

A Virginia man was arrested on Saturday for allegedly breaking into a pet grooming salon and stealing six husky puppies and cash. Rodney Jackson, 50, is facing charges of breaking and entering, grand larceny, grand larceny with intent to sell, and animal larceny.

Three of the husky puppies were recovered and returned to their mother on Saturday, according to police. Jackson, who police say is homeless, allegedly broke into the building sometime on Friday evening or Saturday morning.

Bandi Murdock, who owns the dogs and Critter Cleaners, wrote on Facebook that she is desperately searching for the other puppies. “They are only 2 weeks old,” she wrote, “they literally opened their eyes two days ago.” They need to nurse.

She told the Daily Press that they leave the puppies at the grooming salon because people are there 14 hours a day, allowing them to feed and care for the puppies. Jackson, who police say is homeless and living under a bridge, allegedly stole the puppies.


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