Lost piglet in California picked up on street: Who will bring home ‘Bacon’?

Piglet was rescued in California after being abandoned on the street. He’s now waiting to be adopted! We’re searching for a great family who wants to adopt him. After the pig was discovered on the street, a local shelter took care of him, and he’s now doing fine.

Authorities in Pleasanton, California, are on a mission to reunite a tiny gray-and-white pet piglet with its rightful owner. “Nope, this isn’t a new hire,” the police department joked on social media earlier this week. “Help us reunite this piglet with his family,” they wrote this past Thursday night.”

“Baby piglet” was found by concerned city residents, who turned him over to a rescue group. He is safe and sound now, and about 40 miles south of San Francisco. “Bacon” was given to local animal control, says Police Officer Frankie Ayers, according to the department’s Facebook post.

We included the #BringBaconHome tag to this post. Since no owner has been found yet, the piglet is being cared for by people at the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office’s East County Animal Shelter. They also shared a photo of an officer and an animal services officer holding “Bacon.” One photo showed bacon snug inside a kind-of-a-blanket, while another showed him cozy in a carrier, with a cute little towel on top. “Police hope somebody will find him,” said the AP.

source: https://www.foxnews.com/lifestyle/lost-piglet-california-bring-home-bacon

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