PSC Primary20Mark full20color Veramaris is accredited by the Pet Sustainability Coalition

Veramaris is accredited by the Pet Sustainability Coalition

Veramaris has been accredited by the Pet Sustainability Coalition (PSC) and has also been evaluated for its social and environmental impact.

The company has received PSC accreditation each year since 2020, proving that it takes strong measures and a robust year-on-year improvement in the area of sustainability.

PSC Accredited companies are sustainably led and measured businesses that drive positive impact for pets, people, and the planet.

The PSC is the only accreditation in the pet industry that measures and verifies member business operations. Within this context, companies seeking accreditation must have measured, verified, and met a minimum performance as well as having shown year-on-year improvement in certain sustainability areas.

Veramaris began offering its ASC-MSC certified sustainable natural algal oil to the global pet food industry in 2020. It is the only algal oil currently available for this market that can deliver a high level of both EPA and DHA with a total concentration of 58 percent. It is also proven that dry dog and cat foods with Veramaris Pets are more palatable than those using fish oil as a source of omega-3s.

The PSC accreditation uses B Lab’s global assessment tool that measures a company’s operations against the Sustainable Development Goals, making it a rigorous and comprehensive assessment method grounded in strong sustainability requirements.

Jeff Alix at Veramaris was honored to have received PSC accreditation once again and said that the acknowledgment goes hand in hand with the company’s dedication to continually improving sustainability through innovative solutions.

“Pet owners feel good about giving their pets a product that is 100 percent natural and free from ocean-borne contaminants, such as our algal oil. But increasingly, consumers are also scouring the shelves for products that have a low impact on the planet. As the only pet industry certification based on business operations, the PSC accreditation alerts customers to the fact that Veramaris is true to its word when it comes to sustainability,” he said.

Ashley Lane, Accreditation Manager, said the PSC recognizes the strength and rigor of the ASC-MSC certification process and its role as a top standard for sustainable sourcing.

“Veramaris’ innovative product and technology have the potential to help relieve the immense pressure that global food demand is putting on our marine ecosystems. The PSC Accreditation has verified significant progress Veramaris has made against Goal 14 ‘Life below water as well as against goal 8 ‘Decent work and economic growth,” said Lane.

By encouraging its members to take considerable measures to improve sustainability, the PSC aims to show how organizations in the pet food industry can strengthen business practices, increase efficiency, mitigate supply chain risk, and boost employee satisfaction and productivity while spurring innovation.

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