At first we thought he was dead, but he was still breathing…


October 29, 2022

He was still breathing. But only just.

Many passers-by would have thought this puppy had already died. But a caring person came closer and called us for help. He was unconscious. We knew we had to act fast to save him. We saw multiple puncture wounds on his neck and carried him extra carefully in case of spine damage or internal bleeding. But as soon as we reached the treatment table, his eyes opened! Perhaps being handled was giving him the trust or confidence not to give up.

After cleaning, bandaging, and stabilizing him with a drip, we placed him in a quiet kennel where he could rest until he was strong enough for a roommate. He ate like a trooper, slept quietly, and by the time we introduced him to his new friend, we knew he was feeling better because he made it crystal clear that the toy we’d given him was too fun to share.

This little guy had been on death’s door, but nothing can stop the sun from rising. Meet Sunshine now!


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