Watch PETA’s ‘God of War Ragnarök’ Viral TikTok


The video game God of War Ragnarök has taken the world by storm, and PETA—being the largest animal rights organization in all nine realms—weighed in with a viral video on the game:

Although PETA doesn’t have a Gjallarhorn to sound, we want to make sure everyone knows not to chain up their 60-foot-tall dogs in the freezing cold of Helheim. Kratos and Atreus are a bit of a mixed case—you should rescue Lyngbakrs and Hafgufas but definitely not ride wolf sleds—but fighting the hound of Hel is a Bifröst bridge too far. Ancient myths may lay the blame on Tyr for having chained Garm up in the first place, but Santa Monica Studio didn’t need to make this very good boy a boss fight!

Happily for Garm, with some love, affection, and giant magic, he was given a new name, a new lease on life, and a loving home with Atreus—but not everyone is as lucky as he is. While Garm and the other animals in God of War Ragnarök are just pixels on a screen, the stakes are real for animals in this world.

In reality, dogs kept on chains are out of sight and out of mind, often deprived of adequate food, water, and veterinary care—and their emotional and social needs are completely ignored. Many are denied proper shelter and have nothing but an overturned trash bin, plastic barrel, or crate (or nothing at all) to protect them from the elements. When chains become tangled, dogs can’t reach food, water, shelter, or shade—a situation that can quickly become deadly in extreme heat or cold. They never know love or what it’s like to have a family who cares for them. PETA works hard every day to make a difference for these forgotten dogs by offering custom-built doghouses, insulating straw bedding, fresh water, nutritious food, and other supplies.

Remember, dogs are family members, not security systems. They deserve to be kept safe inside with you, not chained up or confined to pens. Just ask yourself: What would Atreus do?


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