Toby the Turkey Finds a Seat at the Holiday Table


A great escape! PETA’s new holiday ad stars Toby the turkey—an intelligent and social bird—and is sure to make you question the status quo. The festive ad will be running on TV in several cities across the U.S. during The Grinch, but you can catch it here first:

Meet Toby the Turkey

This touching tale—made in collaboration with creative agency Dream Farm Studios—follows young Toby the turkey’s narrow escape from a slaughterhouse-bound truck.

hands reaching towards baby toby the turkey

toby the turkey and human family member at vegan feast

toby the turkey and family enjoy vegan dinner together

Toby is lucky, unlike the 300 million turkeys slaughtered for food in the U.S. every year who will never know what it’s like to enjoy fresh air, sunshine, a satisfying meal, or a life free from exploitation.

The ad follows the news that former workers of Plainville Farms, a self-described “humane” turkey supplier, were recently charged with more than 140 counts of cruelty to animals after a PETA investigation. The horrors we exposed at Plainville Farms’ suppliers make it clear that no meat is “humane.” Even if you pay premiums at the grocery store, you’re still eating someone’s flesh.

Spread Kindness and Goodwill to ALL This Season!

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Animals want to be with their families, too. Live and let live by leaving birds and all other animals off your plate.


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