Trophy Hunter Faces Death Penalty After Murdering Wife


A trophy hunter is facing the death penalty after a jury found him guilty of murdering his wife while the pair were on a 2016 hunting trip in Zambia. The man, a dentist from Pennsylvania, and his slain wife were reportedly in Africa hoping to kill a leopard when the murder occurred. Previously, the trophy hunter had shared a photo online in which he posed with the corpse of a ram he had shot and killed.

Those Who Harm Animals Often Go On to Harm Humans

The FBI has identified cruelty to animals as a warning sign of more violence to come. Psychology Today reported that 70% of criminals in a prison who had a history of being the most violent to humans also had a history of animal abuse, and other studies have found that 43% of school shooters have a history of abusing animals.

PETA also keeps an updated list of reported incidents in which young people have committed acts of cruelty to animals. It’s meant to illustrate how prevalent the problem is and provide educators with tools to teach students what it means to have compassion for all living, feeling beings, and it can be shared with your local school district and community members.

Please urge UPS to ban the shipping of hunting trophies.

By allowing hunters to ship decapitated heads and other body parts home as “trophies,” UPS is supporting the slaughter of magnificent animals. The company proved that it can do better when it banned the transport of not only shark fins and certain live animals but also ivory—and if it can ban shipments of an animal’s tusks, it can surely do the same for the head and other body parts.


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