Red Panda Cub At The Hertfordshire Zoo First Snow Day!


As snow fell across most parts of the UK last night and in the early hours of the morning, it was not only people waking up to a large covering of snow. Animals at the Hertfordshire Zoo Paradise Wildlife Park woke up to a rather unusual morning at the zoo.

PWP Snow Day  - Tashi - (8th Dec 22) - Cam Whitnall-49

With Paradise Wildlife Park experiencing its first snowfall of the season, with around six inches of snow covering the zoo, there is a very special individual at the park experiencing their very first snow day. Tashi, the Red Panda cub that in the last few months has stolen the hearts of people around the world, was seen taking their first steps out into the snow. Tashi the five month old cub who is known for their increasingly cheeky personality was even seen doing their signature rolly pollies amongst the snow fall and nimbly climbing around their snowy habitat. A spokesperson of the park mentioned ‘it’s great to see Tashi experiencing their first snowfall and with their double layer of fur we can ensure you Tashi is still extra toasty in the snow’. With the red panda species native to the Eastern Himalayas, snow would be a usual occurrence for them, making this moment for Tashi even more special as they experience their enhanced natural habitat.

However, it was not only the red panda’s at Paradise Wildlife Park that were enjoying their new frosty surroundings. Jessie and Panja the infamous social media snuggling Snow Leopards have been enjoying the fresh blanket of snow and the zoomies have been non stop as they enjoy the natural enrichment.

Red Panda Cub Tashi _ Mum Tilly - (8th Dec 22) - Cam Whitnall-29

Whilst others such as the European Wolves were seen running around and playing in the snow falls a few of the other zoo members chose a warmer approach and took it upon themselves to remain tucked up in the inside habitats. As the snowfall continues to make an appearance the Hertfordshire Zoo continues to make sure all animals across the park are comfortable and safe as well as enjoying their newest source of enrichment which has definitely come with a frosty twist.

PWP Snow Day - Tashi -(8th Dec 22) - Cam Whitnall-14

PWP Snow Day - Tashi - (8th Dec 22) - Cam Whitnall-20

PWP Snow Day - Tashi - (8th Dec 22) - Cam Whitnall-74

Keeper with Red Pandas Snow Day (8th Dec 22) - Cam Whitnall-41

Snow Leopard PWP Snow Day (8th Dec 22) Landscp- Cam Whitnall-53

Amur Tiger PWP Snow Day (8th Dec 22) - Cam Whitnall-44

Penguin PWP Snow Day (8th Dec 22) Sq- Cam Whitnall-22

Romulus European Wolf

Tierra Cara Cara




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