New Vegan Products Coming in 2023


Published by Rebecca Maness.

Whether it’s innovative cruelty-free meats or vegan versions of iconic snacks, we live for trying the newest items on the market. Having more options on grocery store shelves means there are even more ways to help animals in our daily lives, simply by choosing vegan products. Here are just some of the new cruelty-free products you should start seeing on grocery store shelves in the coming year:

More Animal-Free Meat

Juicy Marbles’ “steaks” and CHi Foods’ organic Plant-Based Pork are exciting new options in the world of vegan meat, because cows and pigs are smart, playful individuals who deserve to live.

Fish feel pain, too, yet the fishing industry robs them of the opportunity to enjoy their rich, complex lives. That’s why we’ll be buying vegan seafood from brands like Omni, Current Foods, Save da Sea, and TMRW Foods.

Save Cows by Choosing Plant-Based Dairy

The Laughing Cow is coming out with vegan cheese, Miyoko’s Creamery is working on a cottage cheese made from cashews, and there’s even a new vegan milk infused with mood-boosting herbs. The dairy industry is scared, and it should be!

Want more tasty vegan dairy products? Keep an eye out for Milkadamia’s Coffee Latte and Milk Tea, NadaMoo! snack bites, Verve Coffee Roaster’s canned oat milk lattes, and Nona Vegan Alfredo Style sauce.

Eggs Without the Chickens

A good tofu scramble will never go out of style, but we also love the new vegan egg products that have revolutionized breakfast and made it much kinder to chickens. Pourable liquid “eggs” like Spero Foods’ Pepita Egg and the Zero Egg make it easy to whip up a savory scramble or omelet.

We’re also hoping to see Zero Egg’s Plant Based Egg Patty hit stores soon—it contains 10 grams of protein and can be ready in less than a minute. And of course, the WunderEggs from Crafty Counter are still on our list as one of the “must have” products of the new year.

Healthier Convenience Meals

Quick frozen meal options are always good to have on hand, especially if they’re better for animals and for you. Planet Based Foods’ Taquitos are crunchy, delicious, and packed with nutrients from hemp seeds.

Frozen entrées from Strong Roots (Greek Orzo Pasta Bake and Thai Green Veg Curry) and Wholly Veggie! (Cheezy Cauliflower and Broccoli, Southwest Chili, and Thai Curry) will help you achieve your health goals in the new year.

Mighty Yum’s vegan “lunchables” kits will be a go-to for kids and adults alike, with three tasty varieties that are nostalgic and satisfying. You’ll be saving cows, pigs, and turkeys by choosing these vegan lunch kits—plus, they’re higher in protein and lower in fat than similar animal-based options.

Animal-Friendly Snacking All Year Round

We’re willing to bet that airy, crispy, flavorful Snacklins will be one of the biggest snacks of 2023, along with Outstanding Foods’ Cheese Balls. Both are made without dairy or other animal-derived ingredients, so you can snack happily.

If you like your snacks on the sweet side, Yumy Bear candy is a great low-sugar option that doesn’t contain gelatin (i.e., someone’s boiled bones).

If you haven’t already made the switch, going vegan is the best New Year’s resolution you can make. You’ll save countless animals and help combat the climate catastrophe, all while improving your health at the same time. Start strong with our three-week vegan challenge, and order your free vegan starter kit for more helpful tips:

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