Help Animals: Ideas for Kids Who Want to Speak Up


Kids are naturally compassionate and like to help animals. Their young eyes see the similarities between humans and other sentient beings that many adults have forgotten to look for. If you have a kind kid who wants to take action for animals, PETA Kids is here with some great ideas!

Kids sometimes feel as though they have little control over their lives, so let them know that being kind to others is one thing they always have control over. Taking action to help animals can be very empowering for them, so let them know that each time they do, they’re making a difference. Here are some ways for you to help your little one get started:

Make an Animal-Rescue Kit

You never know when you may come across an animal in need. Your family can be prepared by putting together an animal-rescue kit to keep in the car. The kit should include a towel, a leash, gloves, dog treats and wet cat food, a bottle of water, a bowl, gauze bandages, and a cardboard box or carrier.

Check Your Cleaning Supplies and Personal-Care Items

Have an indoor scavenger hunt and make a list of all the cruelty-free products in your house! Or take our “How Kind to Animals Is Your Morning Routine?” quiz together. Look for PETA’s bunny logo on your family’s household cleaning and bathroom products to ensure that they weren’t tested on animals. If you find products that were, look for a cruelty-free option together the next time you’re at the store. You can also use our Beauty Without Bunnies database to search for cruelty-free companies and products.

Write Letters to Companies Encouraging Them to Be Kind to Animals

Your little activist can make a difference by writing to companies and asking them to make changes that benefit animals. Get started today by urging Build-A-Bear Workshop to end its partnership with the abusement park SeaWorld.

Build-A-Bear Help Animals

Go ‘Trash Fishing’

Help keep our animal friends’ homes clean: Head to a lake, a pond, a beach, or even your local park to “fish” for trash, which helps both animals and the environment (and makes you feel pretty good, too). Be sure to wear gloves!

Inspect the Labels in Your Closet

Look in your closet and check clothing labels together to learn what—or who—you’re wearing. Leather, fur, down, wool, and all other animal-derived materials come from suffering and abuse. Use these tips to decode the symbols on your shoes to find out what they’re made of. Keep checking labels as you shop for new items, too!

Donate to Your Local Open-Admission Animal Shelter

Collect gently used towels, bedding, and other supplies—then donate them to your local animal shelter. You could even make a dog or cat bed to donate. And how about creating a thank-you card for the shelter employees and dropping it off with your donation? 😊

Make a Delicious Vegan Meal for the Family

One of the easiest ways to help animals is by simply not eating them. Each person who goes vegan saves nearly 200 animals every year! Whip up a vegan meal the whole family can enjoy, like Beyond Meat burgers, pizza with vegan cheese, or Gardein tenders and mac ’n’ cheese. The possibilities are endless.


Does your kid want more ideas and info on ways to take action for animals? Becoming a PETA Kids member is free! Each child will receive their very own membership card and an e-mail each month with an activity to help animals.


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