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Bollywood has seen various remakes. Recently the remake of The Intern starring Rishi Kapoor and Deepika Padukone broke the internet. The iconic John Green’s novel, The Fault in Our Stars which was picturized with Shailene Wremake with Sanjana Sanghi and Sushant Singh Rajput is still in the making.

Although movies with a Dog at the helm of a narrative are not commonly seen in our industry. But what if some of the iconic Hollywood ones were to be made?  Have you thought of whom the cast would be? Well, let’s find out…


This film, released in 2008, was an adaptation of John Gragon’s autobiographical book called ‘Marley & Me: Life and Love with the world’s worst dog’. It starred popular actress Jennifer Aniston who is best known for her character ‘Rachel Greene’ in the famous American television sitcom ‘FRIENDS’.  The film also stars actor, producer, and screenplay writer Owen Wilson as Jennifer’s husband. The film Marley & Me is about a Labrador retriever who comes into Jenny and John’s lives turning them upside down. Marley is a notorious, mischievous, and uncontrollable dog who is seen lovingly giving a tough time to both of them.

If Bollywood were to remake this film, we feel Ayushman Khurana and Nushrat Bharucha would be ideal for the characters of John and Jenny. Ayushman Khurana would fit the role of John Grogan as he is shown to be a loving husband and father with a good sense of humor. From Ayushman’s recent filmography, his comic timing has been applauded by all. Jenny is a strong, beautiful, and caring woman who keeps her family together could be essayed by Nushrat Bharucha. Nushrat and Ayushman had crackling chemistry in Dream Girl with their extremely endearing on-screen presence. They also had their moments of hysteria which left audiences laughing off their seats. Marley & Me is known to have some of its comical scenes in the first half as the second half has a mellow and heart-wrenching setting.


Hachi: A Dog’s Tale is a Drama and a true story that reflects upon the love and emotional attachment between a dog and its owner. Richard Gere plays the role of college professor Parker Wilson. Hachi becomes the professor’s constant companion and makes it a habit to wait at the station to greet his owner when he gets back home from work every day.

Parker eventually suffers a cardiac arrest and dies. Hachi, even after Parker’s death continues to go back to the train station to wait for his owner in the hope that he will come back one day.

Irrfan Khan would be an absolute fit for the role of Parker Wilson played by Richard Gere in a Bollywood Remake for the film. As a veteran actor of his generations and the generations to come, Irrfan plays all his roles in his films with gravitas and sincerity. His performances are extremely honest which is why his films are easy to connect to as audiences. Given the mood and tone of Hachi, Irrfan would be a perfect choice to make the remake a one to remember! It would certainly be heart-warming to watch Irrfan Khan share a beautiful bond with a dog!



A dog’s way home hit the theatres in January 2019. The film is an adventure and family drama that talks about the love between a dog and his human even though they are separated because of an unfortunate situation.

Lucas along with his friend Olivia brings home a little puppy and names her Bella and soon the two of them become inseparable. One day Bella goes missing turning Lucas’ life upside down as he is tormented by the loss of his dog.

The movie depicts the attachment and loyalty of the dog beautifully as she travels around 400 miles in search of her owner. She finally returns to him and it feels just like old times!

The perfect fit for the role of Lucas would be Rohan Mehra who made his debut with a film called ‘Bazaar’. Rohan is a real-life dog lover and would essay the role of Lucas with complete justice. Olivia could be played by Shweta Tripathi who has been seen in shows on Amazon Prime (Made in Heaven, Laakhon Mein Ek) and films (Haraamkhor, Gone Kesh), respectively. Shweta is known for her versatility as an artist and would be a great on-screen Olivia. Her exuberance and Rohan’s penchant for love for canines could come across as an honest portrayal of two doting pet parents.

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