Here’s How You can “Quarantine & Chill!”


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Due to the rampant spread of the pandemic coronavirus, most individuals have been advised to work from home. Some have self-quarantined themselves as a precautionary measure which is currently expected of all citizens.

Since we’re all not used to this routine and wondering how you’ll survive just sitting at home for so many hours? Well, we’ve got your back. In this serious situation, we’ve got a selection of movies you can binge-watch while you “quarantine and chill”.

Here’s a list of movies that you can enjoy while you’re home:

newsonpets, pet news, pets

Entertain yourself with a determined pooch that helps save a broken family. The plot highlights the furry one’s loyalty, love, friendship and commitment towards the siblings.

newsonpets, pet news, pets

Watch Pluto Mehra, the only sane member of the Mehra family narrate the story. He predicts the highs and lows of a human relationship. He throws light upon the misunderstandings that get underway even though humans are gifted with the power of speech.

newsonpets, pet news, pets

Lady, a pampered dog meets Tramp, a cocker spaniel and the plot revolves around the bond the two of them share. They go through a series of adventures together, sometimes apart. But the love never dies.

newsonpets, pet news, pets

Netflix’s original documentary series is a six-episode collection of dogs and their relationships with their owners. Each of the six episodes are shot in different locations bringing out the message of diversity. There are heart-wrenching scenes that you should prepare yourself for.

newsonpets, pet news, pets

This Netflix Originals’ takes you through the pain of losing a loved one. This film sheds light upon affection towards one’s pet. It draws a picture of how animals should be shown affection and not as a means to earn money.

We at NewsOnPets urge you to stay safe, stay indoors and maintain precautionary measures. Let’s fight this issue together.

P.S. Happy Binging!!


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