Wire cutting into a dog’s neck nearly killed him.


December 23, 2022

When we received a call to rescue an injured dog, we were shocked to find him running in pain and confusion in the middle of the road with wire embedded around his neck cutting down to the muscle.

We had to catch him by net since we couldn’t risk him running away, which would have meant certain death. When we brought him back to Animal Aid we removed the wire and began his life-saving treatment: antibiotics, wound dressing, IV fluids, and painkillers. We simply can’t imagine the pain he had endured for likely many weeks, judging from the damage the wire had caused to his entire neck.

It’s incredible that he had the strength to continue to search for food and water despite such a horrific injury. We are deeply grateful to our supporters for enabling us to rescue this dear boy, who we named Sage, and not only relieve him from his pain but give him back his very life.


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