VIDEO: It’s Mabel the Beagle’s First Merry Christmas!


Mabel the beagle is full of holiday cheer, because she got the greatest gift of all this year: being able to celebrate her first Christmas in a warm, loving home instead of a cold metal cage.

Mabel spent seven Christmases imprisoned in a breeding facility in Virginia operated by Envigo, which supplied dogs to laboratories for experiments. After PETA’s undercover investigation exposed systemic suffering, neglect, and miserable confinement at the facility, Mabel—along with nearly 4,000 other beagles—was finally released from the hellhole.

(left) beagles in a metal cage (right) beagle comforted by her family and surrounded by christmas toys

Like the dogs shown in the photo above, Mabel likely suffered in a steel cage, surrounded by the deafening cries of thousands of other beagles who were imprisoned in Envigo’s dog-breeding facility. Now, she’s enjoying the warm embrace of her loving family—and her new Christmas toys.

After giving Mabel some much-needed TLC and screening potential homes, PETA found the perfect fit. Soon afterward, Mabel became the newest member of her devoted, doting family. In the safety of her new home, she gets endless cuddles, tons of attention, space to explore and play, new toys to chew on, and the respect she always deserved.

We also placed 24 other dogs from the facility in permanent homes, where they are well cared for and forever free from exploitation.

Mabel’s Former Prison Has Closed Down—but You Can Help Other Dogs Like Her

While we embrace this holiday with cheer knowing that every beagle freed from this hellhole won’t suffer there anymore, countless others are still going to spend this Christmas locked in sterile laboratory cages, including at other Envigo facilities—and they need your help.

Support the FDA Modernization Act—a bill that will help modernize research throughout the country by embracing superior, animal-free test methods:


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