Urge Officials to Shut Down Miami Seaquarium Over Starved Dolphins


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The infamous Miami Seaquarium is yet again at the center of controversy over its egregious treatment of animals: A new federal inspection report just obtained by PETA has revealed multiple issues, including that staff starved dolphins to emaciation in an attempt to ensure that they would perform for food and forced them to perform even more often than usual, causing them to attack trainers and bite members of the public. As owner and lessor of the land, Miami-Dade County has a responsibility to help these animals by shutting the facility down.

A dolphin at the Miami Seaquarium has prominent ribs.

Following a damning report last year that found a slew of animal welfare violations at the Seaquarium—including holding incompatible dolphins together who ended up dying from trauma, feeding animals rotten fish, and forcing the lone orca Lolita to continue performing tricks that had likely injured her jaw—county officials assured the public that things would change. They claimed that there would be compliance with all laws and greater oversight of the facility and even approved a lease transfer to a new owner, The Dolphin Company, which they presented as a savior of the park. Yet Lolita continues to languish in the world’s smallest orca tank, and other dolphins are suffering like never before.

A dolphin at the Miami Seaquarium has a prominent scapula (shoulder).

In their natural homes, dolphins swim up to 60 miles a day, dive to depths of nearly 1,500 feet, and maintain dynamic relationships. Holding them captive, starving them, and forcing them to perform degrading shows even while in failing health are manifestations of speciesism—a human-supremacist worldview—and it must end.

Please urge Miami-Dade County Mayor Daniella Levine Cava to end these animals’ suffering by shutting down the Seaquarium.


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