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Curious to learn more about the numerous and dynamic ways American Humane saves and improves the lives of animals across the globe? You’re in luck because this month we are releasing new episodes of our television series, aptly titled “American Humane in Action!” Launched last year, “American Humane in Action” provides viewers with a firsthand look at how our groundbreaking programs affect change in the real world, from animals living on farms and ranches to those on the brink of extinction.

Coinciding with relevant holidays such as Veteran’s Day and Thanksgiving, “American Humane in Action” will be broadcast on stations in Arizona, Florida, California, South Carolina, Georgia and Washington, D.C. The new episodes will also premier weekly to our YouTube channel!

We are excited to continue educating children, families and the public at large on humane issues through engaging platforms and media. Hosted by American Humane’s president and CEO Dr. Robin Ganzert, the episodes feature interviews with leading conservationists, brave military veterans and those working on the frontlines to support a humane lifestyle. They will shine a spotlight on some of American Humane’s different program areas including its lifesaving Pups4Patriots™ program, brand new Pet Provider program, No Animals Were Harmed® and more. We hope to provide an inside look at the innovative efforts that are building a better, more humane world for all of us, and inspire the public to join the compassion movement.

Together, we can light a fire in the hearts and minds of people across the country! Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel and tune in to the premieres of each episode that will be airing on the following dates:

Be sure to share the episodes and let us know what you think on social media, tagging @AmericanHumane! Past episodes can also be found on YouTube.


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