Posted on the 1st September 2022

Today, 1 September, is the start of the season for shooting innocent partridges from the sky – for ‘sport’.

Shockingly, more than 11 million partridges are used as live targets by shooters every year.

We often use the phrase ‘shot for sport’, but when you think about what that means, it is utterly shocking. The pain the birds must feel as the shot enters their tiny body, the panic as they begin to fall, the pain as they hit the ground, potentially causing more injury if not death. If they do not die soon after crashing to the ground, they will be clubbed to death.

In nature, these beautiful birds roam vast areas, and select their mate for life. The shooting industry ‘force-pairs’ the parent birds and confines them in metal boxes – for breeding the next generation of victims.

The birds find captivity so stressful that they repeatedly fly upwards in a desperate attempt to escape and attack each other out of sheer stress. To prevent them killing each other, game keepers but put restrictive ‘bits’ on the birds’ beaks, but this does nothing to alleviate their anxiety or their need to escape.

Help us to expose what the shooting industry does to these poor birds by sharing our videos on all social media – and by taking action here:

No birds wants to be caged.



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