The ‘Octocurse’: Watch This If You Eat Octopuses


Have you heard of the “octocurse”? A new PETA video created by Grey London is warning people of the dangers of this fabled, ancient curse. If you or someone you know is still eating octopuses, you need to watch it and share it with them:

The Octocurse


The terrifying octocurse is said to befall anyone who kills, cooks, or consumes octopuses by turning them into a cephalopod:

Bottom Line: Eating Octopuses Is Cruel and Unnecessary

Ok, maybe the octocurse isn’t real – but it’s always good to err on the side of caution (and compassion)! Because what is very real is the pain and suffering that these amazing animals endure when captured for food. In fact, because their brains are distributed throughout their bodies, octopuses are extremely sensitive to pain, so being cut up alive or speared to death – both common methods of killing these animals – causes them prolonged agony.

“Einsteins of the Sea”

What’s more, octopuses are recognised as “Einsteins of the sea” and are capable of complex thought processes: they can navigate mazes, use tools, and learn how to do such things as unscrew lids simply by watching. They are masters of disguise, they decorate their homes as we do, and they have excellent memories.

These fascinating, highly intelligent animals should be respected and allowed to live in peace, not be killed for a snack.

So, please, leave octopuses off your plate and urge all your friends never, ever to eat these clever cephalopods. Show them the octocurse video to help spread the word:

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One More Thing…

Gran Canaria in the Canary Islands, Spain, is set to open the world’s first intensive octopus farm. Hundreds of thousands of these hyperintelligent animals would be commercially reared in cramped tanks every year before being slaughtered for food. Help PETA stop these plans!


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