Take Action for Cubs Exploited at Yellowstone Bear World


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Yellowstone Bear World is a bear-breeding tourist trap that tears vulnerable, weeks-old cubs away from their mothers and exploits them in public encounters. These bears would naturally stay with and learn from their mothers for the first two years of their lives, so depriving them of this bond for commercial gain is a form of speciesism—a human-supremacist worldview. The roadside zoo also ships bears to other shady exhibitors across the country. Since 2012, it has sent 88 bears, including four cubs in 2022, to Gregg Woody, an animal broker known to have sent dozens of bears to the slaughterhouse.

A PETA undercover investigation has revealed just how little regard Yellowstone Bear World has for the animals there. A cub was denied prescribed pain medication for his fractured leg, and a supervisor threatened to throw another cub across the room and rip out her teeth “one by one.” Staff apparently didn’t contact a veterinarian for an older bear who was “dragging her body … across the road” or for a bear who had “literally peeled the skin off of his back.”

Companies are now seeing that supporting Yellowstone Bear World is bad business. Several, such as AARP, AAA Club Alliance, Purely Travel, and Roadside America, have cut ties with the facility, but others are still callously promoting it and disregarding the animals’ suffering.

Please urge Yellowstone Bear World’s remaining promoters not to support the roadside zoo in the future.


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