Sweet, shy dog with terrible mouth injury makes a shining recovery!


October 8, 2022

One of the strangest life-threatening wounds we’ve seen–this boy’s mouth was wounded on both sides, and maggots had entered the awful wounds.

We truly have no idea how this happened. It would have been impossibly painful for him to eat, but neighbors noticed his suffering early enough that we rescued him before starvation added to his horrible problems. His gentle nature made treating him easy for us, though the pain of his first treatments was really difficult for this brave, beautiful boy.

Removing the maggots gave him the comfort and courage to eat, and he loved his food. We knew then that he would flower. But at first, his shyness kept him a bit withdrawn. We had no idea that when he felt better physically a comet of loving energy was just waiting to shine. Meet Comet now!


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