Posted on the 15th August 2022

Animal Aid has produced a number of materials to help students go and stay vegan.

The student shopping list details how being vegan on a student budget can be very easy. There is often a misconception that being vegan is expensive, when, in reality, eating vegan on a budget – even a student budget – is absolutely possible.

Download one of our free Student Shopping List posters today by clicking the link below. If you would like a physical copy, click here.

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As the racing industry gears up to its self-promoting initiative, National Racehorse Week (10-18 September 2022), Animal Aid can reveal that race horses are still being slaughtered for their meat.

Posted 05 Sep 2022

Today, 1 September, is the start of the season for shooting innocent partridges from the sky – for ‘sport’.

Posted 01 Sep 2022

Partridges in Barren Cage