Starbucks Baristas: Urge Corporate Leaders to End the Unethical Vegan Milk Charge!


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Starbucks should be encouraging customers to choose animal- and climate-friendly vegan milk rather than cow’s milk. Starbucks baristas, we need your help to end the chain’s unethical upcharge on vegan milk.

Starbucks claims to care about the environment—and the company’s former CEO Kevin Johnson has acknowledged that cow’s milk accounts for the largest part of its carbon footprint—yet, as you know, the chain charges upward of 90 cents extra for plant-based milks.

And Starbucks’ upcharge perpetuates dietary racism. Millions of Americans are lactose intolerant, and many are people of color, including 75% of African Americans and American Indians and 90% of Asian Americans.

Cows suffer so that humans can drink their milk. In the dairy industry, they’re restrained and artificially inseminated. Their beloved babies are snatched away within a day of birth so that the milk meant for them can be sold for human consumption.

Many chains—including Panera Bread, Pret A Manger, and Philz Coffee—now offer dairy-free milk at no extra charge, and all Starbucks stores in the U.K. as well as most in France have dropped the surcharge.

Starbucks baristas, your customers need your help getting the vegan milk surcharge dropped, and we ask that you use the form below to bring this matter up with Starbucks’ corporate leaders. You deserve to have a say in what you believe will make Starbucks a better place for you and make your customers happy.

Please urge Starbucks to stop charging extra for vegan milk.


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