Snakes at Pet Store in California Need Your Help! Snakes at ‘Scales n Tails’ in Burbank CA Need Your Help| PETA


At Burbank Scales ’N’ Tails pet store in Burbank, California, at least three massive snakes—boas and/or pythons, including a 21-foot-long reticulated python named Haze—are reportedly confined to tanks so small that they can’t stretch out fully. The unsuitable enclosures also appear largely devoid of any meaningful enrichment. Furthermore, the store apparently rents out reptiles to be used as props or entertainment at parties and other events.

Experts advise that engaging in natural behavior—such as stretching out fully, exploring, burrowing, swimming, climbing, basking, and moving in a straight line—is essential to snakes’ well-being. Keeping them in captivity—particularly in subpar conditions—causes them extreme stress and physical discomfort, compromises their immune system, and leaves them highly vulnerable to parasites, blister disease, respiratory and digestive disorders, and mouth rot. Renting them out forces them to endure repeated transportation, handling by strangers, and loud noises—all of which are traumatic to these naturally reclusive animals.

PETA wrote to the management at Burbank Scales ’N’ Tails calling for improved conditions for the snakes there, but our requests seem to have fallen on deaf ears. These snakes need you to speak up for them!

Please urge the store to stop confining them to tiny, barren enclosures and, ideally, to retire them to a sanctuary. Remind the store that snakes are sentient beings—not party props—and ask it to stop renting out animals.

Please call or send polite comments to:
Vahe Issaian, CEO
Burbank Scales ’N’ Tails
[email protected]



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