Slaughter for Down: How Birds Are Killed for Clothing


As more and more shoppers refuse to buy products for which live birds’ down feathers were yanked out, companies have begun trying to reassure customers by making claims stating that no birds have been live-plucked in their supply chain. But new undercover footage released by PETA Germany takes people inside a slaughterhouse where geese and ducks are killed for their feathers—and reveals why down can never be considered “ethical” or “responsible.”

This never-before-seen footage from Poland—the world’s second-largest exporter of down—shows workers roughly handling, kicking, electrocuting, and cutting the throats of ducks and geese, many of whom were likely still conscious.

Despite knowing about the cruelty inherent in down, Urban Outfitters Inc. continues to sell it, including from brands using suppliers that obtain it from Poland. Urban Outfitters must be held accountable for supporting this abusive industry.

Please watch the eye-opening footage and then take action to help stop this abuse.


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