Nude ‘Pig’ Urges Public to Have a Plant-Based Nochebuena


Ahead of the holidays, PETA Latino urged the public to leave sensitive, intelligent pigs off their plates this Nochebuena with a signature, attention-grabbing performance. The demonstrations took place in Miami, Florida, and Medellín, Colombia, where the public heard their message of compassion.

A nearly nude PETA Latino supporter in Miami lay on a giant plate, complete with to-scale cutlery, bitter orange, and lime slices to push passersby to think twice about the millions of pigs who are killed and served as food every year for Nochebuena. With signs reading, “Animals Are Not Ours to Eat,” the animal defenders urged everyone to embrace new holiday traditions that protect pigs from being confined to cramped crates, torn away from their families, and slaughtered.

Colombian model Kathy Moscoso sitting on a fake plate surrounded by fruits. She is holding a sign with a pig on it.

At the demonstration in Medellín, model and animal rights advocate Kathy Moscoso crushed the role as the pig. Local animal rights group Defenzoores and the municipality of Medellín itself partnered with PETA Latino and Moscoso to make the protest a powerhouse for pigs this holiday season.

Nochebuena Is Torture for Pigs

Social, sensitive pigs, whose bodies are often roasted whole for Nochebuena, are tormented during every moment of their short lives at the hands of humans on factory farms. Farmworkers traumatically separate mother and baby pigs, cut piglets’ tails and teeth with no painkillers, and allow them to freeze to death on transport trucks. Due to improper stunning methods, many of the pigs who cling to life until slaughter are still conscious when workers dump them into tanks of scalding-hot water. Pigs can live up to 20 long, happy years when treated with the love and care that they deserve, but slaughterhouse workers kill most of them violently at 6 months old, and they only ever know a life of suffering.

Peace on Earth begins on everyone’s plates, and with the abundance of vegan roasts available nowadays, it’s easy to spare pigs a terrifying death. PETA Latino is encouraging everyone to celebrate “NocheVegana” this year and enjoy a delicious animal-free feast.

Get your NocheVegana plans started with PETA’s free vegan starter kit, which includes pig-friendly recipes and can help you save nearly 200 animals each year.


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