Miracle Endangered Red Panda Cub That ‘Gave Hope’ Goes Outdoors For The First Time!


The tiny paws have ventured out to the great outdoors!  The Endangered red panda cub fondly known as ‘Little Red’ that captured the hearts of the world in the Summer has stepped outside for the first time. Paradise Wildlife Park announced the miracle birth after the very sad passing of their male red panda Nam Pang.

Tilly with _Little red_ - Robert Everett

On the 16th of July, mum Tilly gave birth to ‘Little Red’ a month after the father Nam Pangs passing. When this was announced to the world by Paradise Wildlife Park, the world couldn’t get enough of the Endangered red panda mum and cub and the story was told far and wide, with the anticipation to have a glimpse of ‘Little Red’ soon.

Paradise Wildlife Park, has excitedly announced today that ‘Little Red’ who is still on a hunt for a name and will be put out for public vote soon, has taken their first steps in the great outdoors from the nest box with mum Tilly. The Park’s spokesperson states: ‘whilst the cub is being very brave and wanting to climb everywhere. Mum Tilly is still very protective and keeps putting ‘Little Red’ back into the nest box.’ However, ‘Little Red’ is slowly appearing more and more each day and visitors might even get to spot the cub trying to climb the areas near the nest box when visiting the park.

_Little Red_ - Robert Everett

Red Pandas are classed as Endangered by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). Human exploitation of forest resources and fragmentation has caused a 50% decline of the species in the last 20 years, leaving approximately 2,500 remaining in the wild. Tilly and ‘little red’ continue to act as ambassadors for their wild counterparts, helping to educate the public and raising awareness for the species.

The Hertfordshire Zoo raises awareness through daily educational talks and also hosts dedicated species days throughout the year, to raise additional vital funds for conservation. Tilly is an internet superstar, adored globally for her acrobatic antics and adorable character and there is no doubt now ‘Little Red’ is out and about they will be the same.

_Little Red_ - Robert Everett(1)

Paradise Wildlife Park will continue to share exciting updates about ‘Little Red’ and the need to name them soon! Keep up to date across their social media channels and website.

_Little Red_ - Robert Everett(2)


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