Lying in a pool of blood, we thought there was no hope for Togo…


November 22, 2022

This little puppy lay in a pool of blood after having been run over by a vehicle. He screamed for help but couldn’t move. On the way to the hospital his condition deteriorated. By the time we brought him to the treatment table, the bleeding had stopped but he was semi-comatose and struggled to breathe. We quickly placed an oxygen mask over his face and began life-saving emergency care.

By the next morning he was active but was completely disoriented. But within a few hours, to our delight, his condition began to stabilize. Soon, with a little help, he could eat by himself and within 9 days, he was alert, had full cognition and could walk amazingly well. Thank you for supporting Animal Aid and enabling us to save this adorable little guy. Meet Togo now.


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