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As a puppy, Keb was quite a handful, but she had unending energy and she was fearless, making her a perfect candidate to be a Search and Rescue dog. She was willing to take on everything she was asked to do — full speed ahead. Keb began her training as an air scent dog. She found live victims right away, and shortly thereafter started training as a dual-purpose Human Remains Detections dog. She was an eager and quick learner! Within a few years, she was certified in multiple Search and Rescue disciplines, including Wilderness Air Scent, Human Remains Detection, Avalanche Rescue and First Responder Disaster.

At age 12, Keb is still actively deploying, although she is approaching the end of her Search and Rescue career. Keb has deployed on more than 100 missions, including one of the largest disasters in Washington state: the Oso landslide which claimed 43 lives, three of which Keb was responsible for finding.

Keb searched for lost people on the high snowfields of Mount Rainier and found bones that helped solve decades-old crimes. She searched for the clandestine graves of murder victims. She’s been called upon to volunteer her services in the dark, the wet, the snow and the cold, from the rainforests to the rugged mountains of the Pacific Northwest. Keb searched even as far away as Scandinavia, where her find helped solve an 18-month-old mystery.

Keb’s remarkable career is a testament to why she was named the 2022 Search and Rescue Hero Dog in the American Humane Hero Dog Awards®. You can vote for Keb to be crowned the 2022 American Hero Dog at! Show your support for Keb on social media using #HeroDogAwards.


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