Iconic Foods Go Vegan! Vegan Babybel, Anyone?


The vegan revolution is here, and these iconic food brands are ready for it! We aren’t just talking vegan Babybel, either. These companies have introduced products without cruelly obtained ingredients like milk stolen from caring mother cows, who often mourn the loss of their calves and call for them for days after being separated. Instead, the ingredients include delicious cruelty-free options like oats, nuts, and legumes. These brands have stepped up for animals and the planet by introducing vegan products.

Vegan Babybel

These mini, wax-wrapped cheese wheels first hit the scene in the 1970s. In 2021, the company introduced a vegan Babybel, so now everyone can enjoy the on-the-go snack without supporting the cruel dairy industry.

Baileys Almande

The iconic Baileys brand, known for its Irish cream liqueur ditched dairy for its first vegan option. PETA hopes this almond milk–based liqueur is just the first of many cruelty-free products from the company. Fingers crossed for plant-based Irish Cream.

Nondairy Ben & Jerry’s

Who doesn’t love a pint of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream? Thanks to the more than 15 nondairy flavors the company now offers, animal-loving ice cream fans have plenty of pint options available. Don’t worry—classics like Cherry Garcia and Phish Food are covered and no baby cows had to suffer.

Dairy-Free Boursin

Brought to you by the same company that gave us vegan Babybel, this delicious dairy-free spreadable cheese, flavored with garlic and herbs, can be found at various grocery stores across the country.

Nondairy Breyers

This ice cream brand offers four dairy-free options, including Mint Chocolate Chip and Cookies & Crème. Fingers crossed for even more varieties in the future.

Vegan Eggos

This iconic waffle brand partnered with Incogmeato from MorningStar Farms to bring a vegan chicken and waffle sandwich to stores.

Nondairy Häagen-Dazs

This freezer staple, which offers vegan classics from pints to bars, can be found at supermarkets nationwide.

Vegan Hellmann’s

Established in the early 1900s, Hellmann’s added a vegan variety of its signature mayonnaise to shelves after consumers demanded a creamy spread that leaves eggs—which are produced by exploited hens kept in horrific conditions—off the ingredient list.

Plant-Based Laughing Cow

Rounding out the trio of famous snacking cheeses, this spreadable cheese joined its fellow Bel brands, vegan Babybel and Boursin, in late 2022. Bring on the vegan cheeseboards! Cows don’t really laugh, but at least this product won’t make mother cows cry when their calves are taken away by the dairy industry.

Vegan Magnum

Creamy, delicious dairy-free ice cream? Check. Crunchy vegan chocolate coating? Check. This ice cream bar, known for its hard-shell chocolate coating, got a vegan upgrade, so people can now indulge without exploiting playful, intelligent cows.


Vegan options in grocery stores are constantly expanding, and PETA is thrilled to see these familiar brands adding vegan versions of products that customers already know. Compassionate consumers can now enjoy these popular snacks and sweets without causing sensitive animals, such as chickens and cows, to suffer.

Is there an iconic food you’d like to see have a vegan glow-up? Head to social media and ask your favorite brands to add a vegan option!

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