Posted on the 19th August 2022

We’re delighted to receive news that T&S Rabbits is apparently closing down. The owner is to retire from farming rabbits for their fur and flesh.

Good riddance to this cruel and outdated enterprise. As a species we need to move on from animal entrapment and exploitation to a one of peaceful co-existence.

A HUGE thank you to all who campaigned hard against these dreadful farms, Rabbit Farm Resistance, Shut Down T&S, Camp Bunny, Smash Speciesism, Operation Liberation UK and Babba Campaigns to name but a few!

Many thousands of you placed planning objections or attended outreach, leafleting and demo events. Not forgetting our investigators, who did a wonderful job of documenting the dreadful conditions in which the rabbits were kept. And the journalists who ran articles helping to bring the situation to public attention.

There was just one operational site at East Bridgford as a string of planning applications and appeals were rejected for sites at Derbyshire, Cornwall, Buckinghamshire and Rutland.

This really was a sustained campaign by many dedicated people. A huge thank you to all who contributed to this wonderful result, which clearly sends a resounding message that rabbit farming is not ethical or at all welcome.

Rescues that have taken on rescued rabbits include: Animals In Need Northamptonshire, Love Paws Animal Rescue, Burrowed Hearts Animal Rescue
The Rabbit Residence Rescue, Ivy Dene Rabbit Rescue, Brook Farm Animal Sanctuary, Fluffy Butts Rescue and Bunnies and Piggies In Need UK.

Local grassroots activists have started a fundraiser to help cover the medical bills of the 250 rabbits, which could run into many thousands. Please support and share this, in order to help secure a bright, free future for them:

Donate here (external site)

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