Escaped Chimpanzees Shot Dead at Swedish Zoo


Three chimpanzees who escaped from their enclosures at Sweden’s Furuvik Zoo have all been shot dead, revealing a glaring lack of preparedness at the facility. Apparently, the animals were shot because the Swedish zoo didn’t have enough tranquilizers on hand to sedate them safely. This tragedy should never have occurred.

Furuvik Zoo, an unaccredited facility not endorsed by any reputable organization, is located inside an amusement park—a stressful, loud, and unnatural environment for the animals it displays. Pictures apparently from the facility show that it allowed unsafe direct contact between human caretakers and adult chimpanzees.

These chimpanzees shouldn’t have been killed just for trying to escape a miserable life.

Stay Away From Roadside Zoos

Animals in roadside zoos, pseudo-sanctuaries, and traveling shows or displays are forced to spend their lives behind bars just to entertain the public.

Don’t pass a few hours at an attraction where animals will languish in misery long after you’ve gone home. Please don’t buy a ticket. Instead, explain to your family and friends why you don’t support animal suffering.

People can help fund rescue operations affiliated with the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries, which upholds rigorous standards of sanctuary management and animal care. Member sanctuaries don’t breed or use animals in commercial activities, and they provide an excellent quality of life.


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