Dog with life-threatening abscess saved and transformed.


December 16, 2022

This frightened young lady was in tremendous pain from an abscess around her neck causing so much swelling she could barely turn her head.

An abscess is a build up of pus formed under the skin, usually from a bacterial infection. In her case, we suspect she’d been bitten by another dog and the abscess formed to fight the infection from the puncture. Left untreated, an abscess can cause sepsis and even lead to death, so it was vital that she receive treatment right away.

We treated her with antibiotics, painkillers, and gave her sedation to painlessly drain the abscess. As soon as Saaya woke up from the sedation she was already feeling so much better, and within just a day she looked like another dog, and a beautiful one! Thank you for supporting life-saving street animal rescue and bringing back Saaya’s beautiful smile.


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