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Topher Brophy struggled to belong while growing up. He battled feelings of rejection and loneliness and always wondered why just living in the world, which seems easy for others, was so difficult for him. He fought with what he called the “sad sickness” until Rosenberg came into his life.

Brophy’s new book, Dog Dad: How Animals Bring Out The Best In Us And Can Help Save The World, tells the heartwarming story of how becoming a dog dad changed everything for him – how the companionship and love he received from his shaggy Aussiedoodle puppy led to the companionship and love he can now give. It is because of Rosenberg that Brophy finally felt like he belonged. The book recounts how Brophy and Rosenberg are together dedicated to the higher purpose of helping others.

It really happened to Topher Brophy, and it can really happen to anyone. Dog Dad is available on Amazon or at your local retailer. And proceeds benefit American Humane!

We are grateful to Brophy and Rosenberg for supporting our mission in promoting the welfare and safety of animals and strengthening the bond between animals and people.


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