Check Out The Tongue On That Baby Tamandua!


The Staten Island Zoo is happy to announce the birth of a Southern tamandua, Ernest. Ernest was born on Novemeber 11th to first time mom CJ, who was also born at SIZ, and dad Gus. Full name Ernest Johnson, Ernie was lovingly named after his grandpa tamandua, EJ, a beloved long-time resident of the zoo. Officially 1 month old, Ernie has doubled his weight and has been deemed by his keepers and our vet staff as a healthy, curious and beyond adorable baby. He is slowly starting to eat worms alongside mom and is trying his best to take steps on his own, but never strays too far away from CJ. Mom and baby will be off-exhibit for bonding and to ensure the little boy grows up big and strong. Please join us in congratulating the SIZ lesser anteater family on their newest bundle of joy!



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