Cat’s nose was cut off. But look at her now!


August 1, 2022

Just two tiny holes were left for air to enter through her nose.

A traumatic face wound had cut off this cat’s nose. Completely gone. In a state of shock, however, she “surrendered” any resistance she might have had to being caught and brought to the hospital. She simply seemed to give us permission to try to save her life. But saving her was not going to be easy. Her pain and her fear were so intense that she refused to eat.

We treated her for pain, we cleaned and flushed her wounds, and we removed maggots from another painful wound on her paw. On day 1, she wouldn’t eat. By Day 2, we were growing anxious, but still, no food tempted her. By Day 3, she continued to refuse food, and we were beginning to despair. But she was still too active to be able to feed her through an IV line (cats are difficult to feed intravenously unless they’re practically unconscious). But on Day 4, something changed! And the rest of her sweet story is–ahead of her! Meet Lovebug now!


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