Campaign Updates: Ford Motor Company Kills Animals in Cruel Crash Tests


Ford Motor Company is senselessly using animals as stand-ins for humans in crash tests, even though technology has made this barbaric practice obsolete. PETA is demanding that Ford ban these worthless tests now—and you can help.

Lily Tomlin Slams Ford Over Crash Tests on Pigs

June 27, 2022

Detroit native Lily Tomlin sent a letter to Ford Motor Company Director Mary Wroten blasting the company for funding a study at the actor’s alma mater, Wayne State University, in which at least 27 pigs were killed and their bodies hung by wires through the spine and hit with a swinging pendulum. Tomlin writes, “I thought those bleak days were in the rearview mirror, and hearing that they are recurring is like suffering from whiplash. … Ford’s apparent return to the dark ages of animal testing reflects poorly on the company, the Motor City, and, frankly, on humanity.”

Ford Claims to Be ‘Working Together to Move Us All Forward’; PETA Disagrees

May 6, 2022

Ford Motor Company’s recent ad takes an evident shot at Tesla founder Elon Musk—but Ford’s no better when it comes to barbaric animal tests. PETA Vice President Shalin Gala released the following statement in response:

Don’t be fooled by this Ford ad taking a not-so-subtle shot at Elon Musk. The car company is no better than the Tesla owner when it comes to horrific animal experiments. Musk has a long and disturbing history of harming animals, including shooting squid, mice, and water bears into outer space as well as implanting a computer chip into a monkey’s skull and coin-size computer chips into pigs’ brains. Likewise, Ford recently funded an experiment that involved obtaining 27 pigs, killing them, and then smashing pendulums into the animal cadavers while they were suspended in the air by wires through their spines—an obvious violation of the company’s 2009 policy agreement not to use animals. Ford’s ad can claim that its employees are “working together to move us all forward,” but that doesn’t change the fact that the company is stuck in the past with regard to animal testing.


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