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Baby Mandrill For Los Angeles Zoo!

Baby alert! Los Angeles Zoo’s mandrill Juliette recently gave birth! The female infant is nursing well and bonding with her mother. “Every time I get to sit with Juliette and her new infant, I feel honored. Being able to watch the relationship between them develop is so special,” says Animal Keeper L’Oréal Dunn. “This is Juliette’s fourth offspring, and she is a great mom. She does a fantastic job demonstrating maternal care like cuddling, grooming, nursing, and removing the umbilicus off of the infant.” If you look closely, you can still see the umbilical cord in one of the video clips taken soon after birth.

Photo by Jamie Pham  Mandrill Baby Female JEP_5019

Swing by L.A. Zoo’s mandrill habitat to watch along as the infant reaches milestones, and stay tuned for updates.

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📹: Animal Keeper L’Oréal Dunn


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