Anthony Ramsey appointed PIAA President

Anthony Ramsey appointed PIAA President


The newly formed board of the Pet Industry Association of Australia (PIAA) has held its first director’s meeting, appointing Anthony Ramsey as its President and Company Secretary.

Paul Talbot will serve as Vice President and Anthony Jones from Knight & Castle Wealth Management will assist the board, serving as an external Treasurer in a non-director capacity. Jones will also take over the association’s bookkeeping and accounting requirements.

The new directors were named a week after five of the six former PIAA directors resigned citing “irrevocable differences” with the remaining director, Ramsey.

The new board includes Karen DeBruin of North Shore Pet Resorts, as interim Boarding Director; the new Grooming Director is Jo Marsden of Get Grooming; Retail Director (interim) is Shane Spruce, Pet Quarters; Distribution & Manufacturing Director is Graeme Faulkner, AquaDepot Imports; Breeding Director is Paul Frith, Happy Canines. National Directors are Paul Talbot, Majestic Aquariums, and Sandra King, King Insurance Brokers (interim), alongside the newly named President, Ramsey of Crystal Palace Aquarium.

Speaking on his appointment, Ramsey told Pet Industry News that the strength of the new united board will shape the future of the Association.

“It’s a great honor to be appointed as PIAA President. I am however very conscious a President is simply a title, and that it’s our actions and outcomes that will define the Association. As President, I will be supported by quality board members and an active membership to help contribute to and shape what PIAA becomes in the future.

“We have assembled a diverse group of talented, passionate, and energetic new directors who all have visions of an efficient and highly effective PIAA, run for the members, with our agenda set by the members.”

He said that the incoming board as a priority will be reviewing all aspects of the association’s current operations to address the previously raised concerns around governance, administration, and financial management.

“We will also be commencing a sector-based membership consultation to ensure you the members have input into the direction and focus of the PIAA and your sector into the future,” he said.

The new board has begun the process of updating the Association’s core ethics and values, which will be reflected in updates to the Association’s Code of Conduct for members and then further flow through with any necessary updates to the PIAA Code of Practice.

“This is of the utmost importance as our industry and wider communities’ rights to keep, breed, and sell companion animals come under ever-increasing scrutiny and threats, both legislative and ideological,” says Ramsey.

The board has also resolved to focus on the establishment (or re-establishment in some sectors) of category-based membership working groups in Retail, Aquatics, Grooming, Boarding and Services, Breeding as well as Suppliers and Manufacturers.

“Moving forward, you will see a noticeable difference in the Associations communications, consultation, member engagement, and transparency. Your directors and the PIAA staff want to be seen as approachable and ready to help assist you and the issues affecting your business, your sector, and the wider pet industry,” says Ramsey.

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