A Letter from Marco, An Animal Equality Undercover Investigator


I’m accustomed to risk and uncertainty; a sudden change of plan. It’s the nature of my work.

As you can imagine, ‘normal’ situations in my job aren’t exactly a walk in the park. Sometimes the things I see are almost unbearable.

But there hasn’t been a single second in which I thought of stopping or giving up.

Fortunately for me, I’m surrounded by a team of real professionals. And thanks to our determination and individual skill sets, we manage to make a real difference for animals.

The investigations we’ve carried out into horse slaughterhouses are just one example. Soon, we’ll be revealing even more investigations too.

What drives us to do what we do is the desire to tell the stories of the animals we meet along the way–animals who the meat industry shows no mercy.

We believe everyone has the right to know the truth…even if it hurts to hear.

I chose to be part of Animal Equality because it puts animals bred for consumption at the center of its mission. Animals who are often forgotten, treated as nothing more than products and money-making machines.

Farmed animals are slaughtered in the billions every year. This is a massacre that takes place every second. Despite this, these animals are the least protected by law.

And this tragedy is kept hidden from all of us. Animals’ screams are silenced behind the closed doors of farms and slaughterhouses. 

With my work, I open those doors and show the images and sounds of that hidden world so that everyone can know the truth.

But collecting evidence of cruelty and animal abuse alone can’t help to change animals’ lives, even if I wish it were so. And this is where the rest of the Animal Equality team comes in.

Thanks to our communications team, the images we collect from farms and slaughterhouses are shared all over the world. They encourage people to make more compassionate choices.

Thanks to our Corporate Outreach team, companies are being persuaded to eliminate some of the worst abuses that they’re involved in.

Finally, through our legal advocacy work, we compel governments to introduce laws that better protect animals, and make sure that those who commit crimes do not go unpunished.

But there is one fundamental element that allows us to carry out these strategies and bring about even more positive change for animals.

We are up against an industry that is powerful and has an enormous amount of money at its disposal to convince millions of consumers through misleading advertising that its products are ethical and humane.

In contrast, we are just a small group of determined people, united by a common dream to change the world and build a fairer and more just society for everyone, including animals.

I’ll be honest with you…

We’ll never, ever have the same economic resources as intensive animal farming industries do, so we’ll never be able to fight them on equal terms.

But we have something else: compassion!

I know that seeing animals crying and screaming in pain is heartbreaking and something nobody wants to see. I know that those images make you deeply angry and that you wish you could stop all the suffering with just a snap of your fingers…

Unfortunately, that isn’t possible.

If we want to achieve concrete and lasting results for animals, we must persevere in what we do, without ever getting discouraged.

History teaches us that with willpower and a desire to change the world, a small group of people can be stronger than the greatest of all enemies.

If you’re reading this letter, it’s because in your heart you want to do something for all the animals that are exploited and mistreated by the food industry and who are suffering on farms and in slaughterhouses across the US.

At this point, you have two paths ahead of you.

You can ignore everything you’ve read so far…

…or you can be part of the small group of people who want to change the world and stand together with us.

Whatever decision you choose to make, I want to thank you for reading this letter because even in this moment of uncertainty, you’ve dedicated ten minutes of your time to the plight of farmed animals. I really appreciate it!

But now I want to turn to the people who will choose to stay by our side. Our work goes on thanks to our supporters who believe in the work we do.

We’re a nonprofit, and to remain committed to our mission we must rely on generous members of the public, like you.

It’s very important to us that our supporters can have full confidence in us. We keep people’s trust because of the victories and results we have achieved over the years and continue to achieve for millions of animals.

I know that asking you to make a donation, especially at such a difficult economic time, may require a sacrifice.

Many have lost their financial security and their lives have been dramatically changed.

For this reason, we will value any support we receive twice as much in our hearts.

Knowing that there are people like you that are so generous, selfless, and considerate of animals, fills my heart with joy, especially now at this moment in history. Your compassion is my fuel, as it gives me courage every time I’m about to lose hope for a better world.

With you by our side, the animals can count on a precious ally for their future.

It means so much and will allow us to fight this long battle until every animal is respected and protected.

Thank you,



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