Wooden Pet Crate – Merry Product 2 in 1

Wooden Pet Crate – Merry Product 2 in 1

Merry Product Pet Crate And Gate

Have you got angry when your pet chew up shoes or destroy your furniture? You want to keep your pet staying away from all furnishings but do not want to put him in a cage frequently? So you may consider 2 –in- 1 configurable pet crate and gate! This product offers you a solid crate to keep your pet. Also, it can be considered as a gate that separates him from a wide zone that you do not want him to reach.

You have probably known that pets are hyperactive sometimes so they look to their crate for comfort in time of tiredness and hyperactivity. A crate approached correctly, creates a little indoor escape and actually becomes a small cute home for your pet within your home. Furthermore, it provides your pet with a safe place to sleep, shelter or even to sleep. Now let’s find out why 2 –in- 1 configurable pet crate and gate can be a great option for pets of any ages and read our review below to consider picking out one.


There are two options for you: medium size and large size. The dimensions for the medium are 32.5 inch length, 23.5 inch width and 22.5 inch height. The dimensions for the other are 40 inch, 28 inch and 31.5 inch at length, width and height respectively. So you can decide on the size that fits your pet to give him a completely comfortable and spacious space as well as relaxing time.

When used as a pet gate, the Merry 2-in-1 Configurable Pet Crate and Gate can be utilized to easily close off doorways or open spaces. Each panel is flexibly removable to accommodate smaller openings. A removable plastic tray is also equipped to protect flooring when used as a pet crate. The Merry 2-in-1 Configurable Pet Crate and Gate is simply to assemble without any tools required.


Merry 2 –in- 1 Configurable Pet Crate and Gate is consist of a hardwood veneer covering outside, accompaniment most stylish decor and lets you utilize the top surface for putting individual items.
This crate is well-ventilated, and although it can be heavy a little bit due to being real wood and metal, it is transportable. With the material made from solid wood, this kind of crate is easy to clean. Also, you can find it collapsible for transportation or traveling because it is approved in airplanes.


The wood and metal material which is stable shaped allows your pet to move easily as well as contort in all possible postures they want. Still, you should understand their temperaments and habits thoroughly before deciding on which size would be suitable for them.
It is the best choice for pets that enjoy seeing their surroundings and need a little extra air-flow. In addition, you do not have to worry about the hot or humid climates because this crate can provide plenty of ventilation.

Extra features:

People who once bought this item would agree that it is particularly multifunctional. The 2 –in- 1 Configurable Pet Crate and Gate can use it as either a pet’s solid shelter or a gate which you can easily open or close. But one of its amazing functions is that you may utilize it as a shelf where you can place on books, flower vase or everything you want.

Sanitary conditions:

The sanitary condition can be considered as an outstanding point of 2 –in- 1 Configurable Pet Crate and Gate. Thanks to its detachable design, the crate offers pet owners the easiest and fastest way to do the cleaning and the vacuuming. You can clean the crate out just by taking it apart with little effort given.

Pros and cons


– The most outstanding point of this product is that it is tremendously versatile. You can use it as either a crate or a gate.
– Each panel removable for small gates
– Completely easy for assembling without any difficulties. To assemble a full crate, you should line up the hinges before assembling and then, release the pin into keeping the choices in a right position. Finally, you place the top on the crate in order to complete assembling.

– Due to its solid, real wood and metal materials, it completely prevents your pet from any damage or hurt.
– A stylish and spacious design offers your pet plenty of room. Your lovely friends could easily move, play or sleep inside the crate.
– Offer higher level of safety because of its plastic tray that protects floors
– Easy to clean and vacuum with little effort given
– The crate is fully furnished with no tool required.
– Pets who are happier when they can see what’s going on around them
– Various sizes allow you to decide on the best crate that is suitable for your pet.


– Due to its slightly heavy weight, you can cope with some troubles when moving around or packing for an outside trip.
– The price is quite expensive in comparison with other products
– The hinges can be broken or missed upon delivery.
– Although detachable products can allow you to do the cleaning easier, sturdier ones would offer you a higher level of security.
– The latch was quite lower while the lock is set too high. If the latch were moved, the crate’s door could be more solid.
– Lack of accessary, if you want to give your pet a more attractive shelter, you should buy some from pet’s stores


Above are main features, manual instruction and reviews from buyers of Merry Products 2-in-1 Configurable Pet Crate and Gate as well as a recommendation for its uses as a pet crate or a gate. Whereas there is some weakness point of this product, it is still a versatile tool for any pet owners that look for a secure resting area for their pets or also an accent piece of furniture.

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