The Top Puppy Toys

The Top Puppy Toys

The Top Puppy Toys

Choosing a toy for your new puppy can be confusing. If you have a lot of experience with your dog, then you will have no problems in choosing a toy that will make your dog happy. You should know that there are different toys for teething puppies and grown-ups. Different toys have different purposes too. Some toys help puppies learn new tricks, while others are just for fun. Therefore, when choosing a new toy, you must know what your puppy needs. Here is a list of the top puppy toys which every pet owner should have. If you go to a pet toy’s store, you will find an abundance of toys there. You must pick the best toys for your dog.

1. Wobbler Toy

The Wobbler toys are safe and creative and their price is very less. The best part of the Wobbler toy is that it helps the puppy not only play and have fun but also learn how to take food out of the toy. It means that your puppy will be able to learn something new while playing. These toys are 10% rubber, which makes it safe as well as durable.

Another good thing about the Wobbler toy is that these toys come in various forms of rubber from soft rubber to hard rubber. If you have a newly born puppy with no teeth, choose the soft rubber Wobbler toy. If your puppy has teeth, you can purchase a Wobbler toy that is a little tough to chew.

2. Rope Tugs

If you want your puppy to play tug of war, then you should buy the rope tugs. The benefit of these small rope tugs is that it also works as floss for the teeth. Premium fiber is used to make these rope tugs, which is not hazardous at all, so your puppy can safely chew on it. Keep an eye on your puppy, however, as it can swallow the rope which can lead to choking.

3. Puppy Vinyl Ball

Puppies love to play with a ball. The vinyl ball can give your puppy hours of safe play.

4. Rubber Bone

The market is full of these toys. A rubber bone is one of the best toys that are safe for teething puppies. The rubber bone not only gives the dog something to play with but also teaches it how to chew. There are many types of rubber bones that are available in different colors, so you can choose the color that your puppy loves.

5. Dog Puzzles

Another toy which will help your pet learn is the puzzle toy. The market is full of different kinds of puppy and dog puzzles. These puzzle toys are available in both plastic and wooden frames and will help your dog learn. Usually, a puzzle toy has a button which will produce a sound or open a drawer that has pegs in it when it is pressed. If you want your dog to learn fast, then get your pet this puzzle toy.

6. Flavored Wishbone Chew Toy

It is a toy that gives your puppies not just a chance to play and chew but also a flavor that will make your pet wanting more.

7. Squeaky Squirrel Toy

Squirrel toys help the puppy learn how to interact with a real animal. These toys are of different material. You can buy a rubber squirrel if your puppy has no teeth.

8. Chuckit Ball

If you want to play fetch with your puppy indoors, get the Chuckit ball. This ball has a soft material that is flexible and lightweight.

9. Tether Tug Toy

This toy is quite interactive. Unlike other tug toys, it has a bendable pole that is stuck on the ground, and a rope hangs from it. The rope has a ball or any other toy attached at its end, which the puppy tries to pull it off. This top can keep your puppy playing for a long time without getting tired.

10. Fetch Toys

There are a lot of toys for those puppies who are fond of playing fetch. The toy machine launches the ball and makes the sound of “fetch”. You can also teach the dog to press the button to launch the ball.

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