Petmate Sky Kennel

Petmate Sky Kennel

Petmate Sky Kennel: Using A Kennel For Your Pet Is Friendly Not Cruel

Though many people feel uncomfortable to use a kennel on their dogs and cats, it is highly recommended to use train them to use one as it creates a sense of security to the pet especially when it is nervous. It is also a lifesaver system for the owner as you can easily travel with them housed in their little kennel. 

It is not cruel to use a kennel on your pet and especially if used appropriately it achieves important goals like preventing destructive behavior, teaching your pet there is a time to just relax and settle down especially when tired etc. Kennels are meant to be the pets’ private and safe place just as if we have our bedrooms where we walk in, close the door, and simply be ourselves even for a short while.

Petmate Sky Kennels: An Overview

Petmate Sky Kennels have always come in handy when you need a heavy-duty well build the kennel to either carry your pet around or just allow them their “me” time while indoors. Made from quality material, they also come in an attractive look that if well maintained should serve you for as long as you want to keep it. Its neutral shade color – gray allows it to be comfortably used by both genders around their homes or up and about as it is light in weight allowing you carry it around with you. You can’t wait to see your attractive pet hope in ready for a ride out.

 When using your Petmate Sky Kennel, ensure you take your pet out for a walk before and after the kennel time to balance out their health. Remember it is against the animal rights to lock them up for a long time above necessary time. Respect for pets is still highly maintained even with the use of this kennel and should not be abused no matter what.

Significant features:

Petmate Sky Kennels come in outstanding features that make it easy to handle and use for any pet owner. These features include:

  • They are made from heavy-duty plastic material by one of the high profile manufacturing companies in US
  • They have extra strong steel wire and plastic wing nuts (non-corrosive) that hold together firmly and your pet will not be able to dismantle
  • The doors are secured by latches that are easy in operation
  • The Petmate Sky Kennel comes with a unique 4-way ventilation allowing enough air and light to circulate.
  • They come with “Live Animal” stickers and clips to hold the water bowls firmly causing no unnecessary spills
  • They come in comfortable vary in sizes. When you are buying a kennel, ensure that it is three to four inches longer and taller than your pet. The pet thus can have ample space to stand up fully, turn around easily and lie down comfortably .

    The Pros

    • The Petmate Sky Kennel manufacturer actually offers warrant on request, you simply need to contact their customer care no matter where you have purchased from.
    • These kennels are not just used for travelling but also for training what is commonly known as crate training.
    • These kennels are the best priced compared to many other options, you can shop around to prove it.
    • They come in pre-drilled zip tie holes that many kennels do not have – this is an important requirement especially if you are using this kennel to fly with your pet.
    • Petmate Sky Kennel is Airport approved making your flight with your pet easy and acceptable.
    • They do not have any handles on top that might confuse the cargo handlers at the airport, they have safe handles on the side allowing two people to carry it safely without causing harm or injury.

    The Downsides

    • They come in plastic nuts but many airlines do not accept plastic nuts requiring you to change to metallic nuts.
    • The bowls are not deep enough to hold good amount of food and water, replacement when you are taking a longer trip is advised.

      Benefits of using the Petmate Sky Kennel

      • You can either use them at home or while travelling even while flying, they are 100% compatible to the required standards.
      • They come fully equipped with all the recommended flight kit – stickers, bowls and absorbent padding, zip tie holes already drills that fulfill the basic requirements for flying.
      • Your pet will arrive safely and happy as the kennels come with safety latch just as an added safety guard preventing the door from flying open during the flight.
      • Using this kennel gives you value for your money as it is the best priced and most effective in the entire market.
      • Using this same kennel during training at home and still using it to travel allows your dog to get familiar with it and enjoy the flight or the travel without anxiety or stress.


        Most of us who are pet lovers will agree with me that travelling with your pet is not as easy as we think especially when we get kennels that are not allowed at the airport. When we find one that is not just allowed but has passed most if not all of the pet flying requirements and that has flown millions of pets around the world with much success we will stop at nothing to purchase it.

        These kennels not only fly dogs but cats too and even the cats do not find any space to leave the kennel. Finally, we have found a kennel we can be trusted to deliver our pets to the next destination safely. Not just for travel but even at home when we need to leave and our new dog hasn’t learned the rules yet, we have a safe haven to tuck them in, with food and water until we are back, and of course we won’t be gone for the rest of the week, we care for our pets!

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