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Where to Find Vegan Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

Published by Rebecca Maness.

The world is in for a real treat—Hershey’s has launched vegan Reese’s Plant Based Peanut Butter Cups! This dairy-free iconic candy is made with oat milk instead of milk that’s meant for baby cows.

In addition to the new vegan Reese’s, Hershey’s is launching an Almond & Sea Salt flavor plant-based chocolate bar. The new item comes after the company tested vegan bars in Classic and Almond & Sea Salt flavors.

Why Choose Vegan Reese’s and Other Milk-Free Chocolates?

When chocolate isn’t vegan, it’s the product of the suffering of exploited cows on dairy farms, where they’re confined to small spaces and forcibly inseminated and their babies are torn away from them. Cows are social creatures who form complex relationships with one another, and research shows that they can recognize over 50 other individuals within their herd. When you choose vegan options, you help spare the lives of countless cows who are used for their milk.

mother and baby cow kissing

Just as humans produce milk to nurse their babies, mother cows make milk for their calves. Repeat after PETA: “Not your mom, not your milk.”

Chocolate Brands Respond to Vegan Demands

Hershey’s isn’t the only chocolate company to begin listening to demands for cow-friendly milk chocolates. Lindt offers its Classic Recipe OatMilk Chocolate Bars in U.S. stores, which are available in Original and Caramel flavors. There are also plenty of other vegan semi-sweet and dark chocolate bars to choose from in the aisles of your local store—just check the ingredients for cow’s milk before you buy.

Could Vegan Kit Kats and More Be on the Way Soon?

Hershey’s has hinted that the Reese’s and Hershey’s nondairy chocolate bars are just the beginning of its animal-friendly offerings. We’re hoping Kit Kats are next on the list!

Here’s Where You Can Find Vegan Reese’s in Stores

Vegan Reese’s are rolling out this month at various retailers, including the Hershey’s Store, Rite Aid, and Target, and Hershey’s plant-based bars will be available in April. Keep an eye on store shelves near you!

We have guides to help you learn all about vegan candy bars, milk chocolate, and chocolate bars to satisfy your sweet tooth. For more tips on plant-based eating, order a vegan starter kit:

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