harvard protester blurred edges VIDEO: Nude ‘Monkeys’ Crash Harvard-Yale Game

VIDEO: Nude ‘Monkeys’ Crash Harvard-Yale Game

There was no stopping PETA’s monkey business at the 2023 Harvard-Yale football game. Two PETA supporters body-painted as macaques, wearing tails and holding signs that read, “Harvard: End Monkey Tests!” stormed the field during the game’s third quarter to protest against Harvard University experimenter Margaret Livingstone’s maternal and sensory deprivation procedures on monkeys. Although police quickly took away their signs and detained the two “monkeys” as well as a third protester wearing a “Harvard: Shut Down the Monkey Lab” shirt, PETA scored the ultimate touchdown and sent a clear message to Harvard that we’ll continue to speak up for the monkeys tormented and killed by Livingstone, no matter what.

What Does Harvard Do to Monkeys in Its Experiments?

Livingstone has torn baby monkeys away from their mothers, sewn the infants’ eyes shut for up to a year, and then observed how abnormally their vision developed. In other tests, the abducted baby monkeys are reared by humans wearing welding masks so that the traumatized animals never see anyone’s face, human or monkey. Then Livingstone restrains their heads using head posts, chin straps, and/or bite bars in order to test their facial-processing abilities or surgically implants electrodes in their brains to record how their deprived brain cells respond to visual stimuli. After years of torment, she kills many of the monkeys and dissects their brains. She has conducted these types of curiosity-driven experiments for 40 years without identifying a treatment or cure for humans. Help PETA urge Harvard to end these barbaric experiments by taking action:

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