CeeLo Green horse feature image VIDEO: CeeLo Green Falls From a Horse at a Party

VIDEO: CeeLo Green Falls From a Horse at a Party

Singer-songwriter CeeLo Green’s attempt to make a grand entrance at a birthday party to honor the late Shawty Lo was far from impressive. According to reports, Green fell from a frightened horse who was being used as a prop, and the animal briefly tumbled to the ground. Although neither was seriously injured, the incident could have been much worse. Moreover, these traumatic events can scar horses, who are prey animals that are vulnerable and easily agitated.

Watch the video of CeeLo Green’s party foul:

Animals are not objects to be used for entertainment, nor should they be subjected to loud noises, flashing lights, or other stimuli that could cause them stress, fear, or injuries. Exploiting animals in this way is unethical, and it poses dangers to both the animals and the humans involved.

“It doesn’t take a genius to know that horses don’t belong at a noisy, crowded party, where slippery floors and strobe lights can agitate them. If CeeLo bumped his head, PETA hopes it knocked some sense and compassion into him.”

—Lisa Lange, PETA Senior Vice President

Horses are powerful animals who thrive in a calm and familiar environment. When they’re placed somewhere unfamiliar—such as at a loud, crowded party on a slippery floor—they can become disoriented and act unpredictably, leading to dangerous situations. Event planners and hosts should seek out humane forms of entertainment to make events memorable without exploiting animals.

What You Can Do to Help Horses

Right now, countless horses across the U.S. are suffering. These majestic animals are pushed to their physical limits and made to run at breakneck speed in races, they’re forced to pull heavy carriages full of passengers through busy traffic in extreme weather conditions, and thousands are even shipped to foreign countries to be slaughtered for food for dogs and humans every year.

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