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Vegan Tuna and Pepperoni Come to Orlando Theme Parks

Published by Rebecca Maness.

Theme parks in the Orlando, Florida, area just got a major animal-friendly menu upgrade! Vegan meat brand Worthington has launched its fish-free tuna and meat-free pepperoni at eight new locations in Walt Disney World Resort and Universal Orlando Resort. We love to see theme parks add even more vegan options, because it makes it even easier for guests who want to help spare fish, pigs, cows, and all other animals who are used for food.

At Disney World, you can try Worthington’s savory vegan tuna in two delicious dishes:

Greek Salad with Plant-Based Tuna Salad

Plant-Based Tuna Salad Sandwich

You can find both these options at six Disney properties in Orlando: the All-Star Sports Resort, the All-Star Movies Resort, the All-Star Music Resort, the Pop Century Resort, the Art of Animation Resort, and the Port Orleans Resort.

At Universal Studios, you can find Worthington’s vegan pepperoni slices on two menu items:

Vegan Pizza Tots at Green Eggs and Ham Cafe

Vegan Pizza Fries at KidZone Pizza Company

Worthington’s products are available in grocery stores across the country, including Sprouts and Safeway. Its vegan breakfast sausage can also be found in Biggby Coffee’s Vegan Sausage Bragel.

These options are just a few of the many available at both theme parks. Our Disney World and Universal Studios guides can help you find the best vegan food during your visit to either park.

Fish, cows, and pigs are all intelligent, complex individuals who simply want to experience a life free of fear and pain. Going vegan is an easy yet effective way to make a difference in their lives. Learn about going vegan by ordering our free vegan starter kit:

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