Barnes and Noble Vegan Breakfast Sandwich 2 scaled Vegan Breakfast Sandwich Now Served at Barnes & Noble

Vegan Breakfast Sandwich Now Served at Barnes & Noble

Published by Rebecca Maness.

Barnes & Noble is more than just a bookstore. You can sit for hours in its cozy in-store cafés while reading a good book, sipping coffee, or even chatting with a friend. And now, you can also enjoy a wholesome and satisfying vegan breakfast! In honor of Earth Month, the chain added a vegan breakfast sandwich to the menu at more than 500 café locations nationwide.

The breakfast sandwich features an animal-free egg patty, Violife smoked provolone cheese, and a creamy vegan aioli on a ciabatta roll. This animal-friendly option is vegan as is, without modification. It’s a huge step that helps intelligent chickens and playful cows who are exploited by the egg and dairy industries.

Adding this option for Earth Month serves as an important reminder that the best way to protect the planet is to stop supporting animal agriculture, which is one of the leading causes of greenhouse gas emissions, land erosion, and water pollution.

Don’t Stop With Earth Month—Let Barnes & Noble Know You Want More

Since the climate catastrophe is a very real threat to all animals, companies have a responsibility to take greener steps. By launching its first vegan breakfast sandwich for Earth Month, Barnes & Noble is showing that it clearly knows vegan options are better for the planet. Let the company know you want to see it do even more—ask it to make this sandwich a permanent menu item, and kindly urge the chain to add more vegan items, stop charging extra for vegan milks, and make oat milk its default option.

Barnes & Noble Cafés serve Starbucks coffee, so please also urge Starbucks to honor its commitment to the planet by ending its unfair vegan milk surcharge:

Ask Starbucks to Stop Charging Extra for Vegan Milk!

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