valentines day gifts for dogs Valentine’s Day Gifts for Dogs to Show Your Love

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Dogs to Show Your Love

Published by Rebecca Maness.

Our dogs are part of our families—so don’t forget them when you’re shopping for your valentines this February 14. Of course, taking your canine companion for a long, meandering walk on a beautiful day shows how much you care, but we’ve also identified a few animal-friendly gifts for dogs that will help make this Valentine’s Day special for them.

These healthy dog treats, made with garbanzo flour, are tasty and cruelty-free, and the cute red color is perfect for Valentine’s Day!

When you buy one of these toys for your dog, Bears for Humanity will donate a toy to a neglected “backyard dog” through PETA’s Community Animal Project (CAP).

If you want to splurge, why not give your dog a luxurious spot to nap in? This organic, vegan dog bed from Avocado is made of waterproof cotton, coconut husk, and vegan buckwheat hulls. It’s soft, durable, eco-friendly, and supportive.

How about a gift that will keep on giving, long after Valentine’s Day? Upgrade your dog’s kibble with Wild Earth’s vegan dog food, which is made with tasty animal-free ingredients for all the wholesome nutrition your dog needs.

Need a Valentine’s Day gift for your cat, too? We’ve got you covered.

Not all dogs (or cats) are loved and cared for by guardians like you—millions are neglected and homeless, which is why it’s essential to have your animal companions spayed or neutered and never buy animals from a breeder or pet store. Learn more about CAP, and take our pledge to help end animal homelessness:

Make a Difference for Cats and Dogs—Pledge to Help End Animal Homelessness

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