VEG cow grazing in field NC CMP ftc URGENT: Help Make Peet’s Coffee’s Vegan Milk Promotion Permanent!

URGENT: Help Make Peet’s Coffee’s Vegan Milk Promotion Permanent!

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Peet’s Coffee has dropped its vegan milk upcharge for April, Earth Month, as a way to encourage its customers to choose sustainable vegan milk options such as soy, almond, or oat instead of cow’s milk, which hurts the planet and animals. The chain’s nondairy options for beverages such as lattes and cappuccinos typically come with an upcharge of up to 80 cents per drink, but we hope that if this month goes well, Peet’s Coffee will make this change a permanent one, which is why we need to help make the initiative a success!

Cows are unique, caring individuals who benefit greatly from this promotion. Just like us, they form strong friendships and prefer to spend time with their closest companions. When cows are separated from their friends, they often become distressed. They don’t deserve to be used in the dairy industry, which treats them as nothing more than milk-producing machines.

Here’s how you can help before the end of April:

  • If you live near a Peet’s Coffee location, grab a friend and order a vegan milk–based drink to show your support for this initiative. Be sure to mention that you specifically dropped in because the chain dropped the vegan milk surcharge for Earth Month and that you’ll make Peet’s your go-to coffee shop if it drops the surcharge for good. Please encourage your friends and family to do the same!
  • Post polite messages to Peet’s Coffee on social media. Please be sure to thank the company for its Earth Month initiative—and urge it to go a step further by making this change permanent.
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Peet’s Coffee’s decision to offer vegan milk at no additional charge is great news for cows and coffee lovers alike. Please use the form below to thank the company and encourage it to make this a permanent decision!

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