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URGENT: Abused Dog in Lancaster, Wis., Needs Your Help!

PETA was sent two horrific videos reportedly filmed on May 8 in Lancaster, Wisconsin, documenting that an unhinged man violently—and repeatedly—kicked with full force and screamed profanities for two full minutes at a terrified and cowering German shepherd. The dog can be heard shrieking throughout both videos in apparent pain and terror, continuously attempting in vain to escape her abuser, and it would be shocking if she hadn’t been injured in this relentless attack.

This is a portion of the footage PETA received.

Our office immediately shared all pertinent information with local authorities, and although we have since learned that cruelty-to-animals charges have apparently been filed, authorities have not confirmed whether this dog—as well as a second one who reportedly lives in the home—is out of harm’s way.

Please politely contact local officials and urge them to ensure that these animals (as part of DA case number 2023GT000532), especially the German shepherd depicted being so ferociously abused in the videos, are out of harm’s way:

Chief Debra Reukauf
Lancaster Police Department
[email protected]

The Honorable Lisa Riniker
Grant County District Attorney
[email protected]

Anthony Pozorski Sr.
Assistant District Attorney
Grant County District Attorney’s Office
[email protected]

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